Lesson 06

The ClientLayout page could probably use a branding bar about now. There are probably as many different branding bars, and ways to fill a branding bar, as there are sites on the Web—tens of millions. I encourage you to try to fill the branding bar in ClientLayout.htm using techniques described in this lesson. The idea is to ensure that when you increase or decrease the text size in the Web browser, the branding bar content grows and shrinks along with everything else.

Keep in mind that the branding bar is just a division defined by a pair of <div> and </div> tags. What applies to it applies to the footer and other divisions as well. So, while you're at it, you might want to experiment with some ways to fill the footer in the ClientLayout.htm.

If you come up with something you like and want to share, feel free to publish the page somewhere and provide the URL in a Discussion Area post. And as always, if you run into any problems, your fellow students and I will be happy to help.
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