Lesson 09

Our clientlayout page has two sidebar columns named leftcolumn and rightcolumn. Your challenge is to create style rules for both columns for images and paragraphs in those columns.

First, modify the existing #leftcolumn and #rightcolumn style rules in clientstyles.css so that all text and images in those columns center horizontally.

Then, create a new style rule that applies to images in both columns. Make any images you put in either column 80% wide with 1em of margin space at the top and bottom, and no left or right margins.

Then, create another new style rule for paragraphs in those columns. The paragraphs should have these characteristics:

  1. Width is 75%.

  2. Padding is 0.25em.

  3. Border is thin, solid, #7E97A6;.

  4. Font wish list is Tahoma, Verdana, Sans-Serif;.

  5. Font size is 0.8em.

  6. Top and bottom margins are 1em.

  7. Left and right margins are auto

If necessary, click the button below to see the styles. But, as always, try to figure it out on your own before you look at the solution.

Click here for the solutions.
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