Lesson 10

Your challenge for this lesson is to use fixed positioning to place a small graphic image in the lower right corner of any Web page you like. A small logo would be ideal. But if you don't have such an image, you can use one of the small images from the pix folder, such as pix/tech/ani-bird.gif.

Put the image in any page (.htm or .html file) you have to work with. Since the image will be positioned, you can put the <img .../> tag anywhere between the <body>...</body> tags of that page. Even right under the opening <body> tag if you like.

You'll know you got it right if the image appears in the lower right corner of the browser window when you view the page in a browser. And it will stay there regardless of how you size the browser window.

You need to view the page with a modern Web browser like Firefox 2 or Internet Explorer 7 for the fixed positioning to work. Older browsers, including Internet Explorer 6, don't do fixed positioning correctly.

The required tag is below. But try not to peek.

<img src="pix/tech/ani-bird.gif" alt="logo"
bottom:0" />

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