Lesson 04

You have a choice for this assignment. If you want to build your own Web site and already have some pictures in mind, create a folder for those pictures in your XHTMLclass folder. Then copy the pictures into that folder.

If you don't have a Web site in mind yet or just want to practice using sample pictures, here are some pictures you can download to your XHTMLclass folder:

Download pix.zip



Note: If you're unsure how to download and open a Zip file, go to this lesson's FAQs for instructions.

Either way, once you have some pictures to work with, try creating your own <img /> tags to show pictures in your pages. Remember, you need to know the exact location and file name of the picture. And you need to express the relative path to that picture correctly in the src= attribute of your <img /> tag. If you get it wrong, the Web browser will show a red X rather than the picture. It won't work correctly until you've supplied the correct relative path in the <img /> tag.

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