Lesson 05

In this lesson, you saw an example of changing the borders within a table from blue to a coral color. You did this by changing the color code in the td.thumbs style rule in stylesheet.css.

Your assignment is to recolor those borders to something that will work well with your Web site. First, you'll need to find the code for a color you like. You can use sites that you learned about in Lesson 2 for that part of it. If you didn't add those to your favorites and need a reminder, try the Color Wheel at www.allprofitallfree.com/color-wheel.html or the Hues Hub at www.december.com/html/spec/colorhues.html.

When you find a color you like, replace the color code that's currently in the td.thumbs style of stylesheet.css with your color code. Once you've done that, close and save the style sheet. Then open photos.htm to verify that you got it right.
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