Claudia's Almost Finished Assignment

I have been dabbling in web site creation for several years. Anything I designed was very elemental and if I needed something nice, I would have to search for a template. I enrolled in the Creating Web Pages class with Columbus State University and Ed2go and was quickly disappointed

“All a man's ways seem right to him, but the Lord weighs the heart”- Proverbs 21:12

in that it taught things I already knew. But the kicker was……………I began to understand the logic behind each step. I “graduated” with a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Since that very first class, I have completed Creating Web Pages II, Introduction CSS & XHTML, and now attending Intermediate CSS & XHTML. I plan to continue on with more classes not only because of the learning involved but I find it great fun as well.

Check out Intermediate CSS & XHTML objectives:

Lesson 1 Get the big-picture view of how CSS and XHTML work.

Lesson 2 Use advanced selectors to create more powerful style rules.

Lesson 3 Design and implement a page layout using XHTML and CSS.

Lesson 4 Master CSS floats, and use them to style a page layout.

Lesson 5 Discover strategies for creating modern semantic markup.

Lesson 6 Master techniques for sizing and positioning graphics and other elements.

Lesson 7 Master advanced techniques for working with lists and navigation bars.

Lesson 8 Create elastic drop-down menus for navigation.

Lesson 9 Master methods for sizing and positioning elements in columns.

Lesson 10 Discover techniques for designing layouts that optimize search engine indexing.

Lesson 11 Make your site more accessible to people with sensory and motor disabilities.

Lesson 12 Discover methods for sharing content across multiple pages in your Web site.