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I have been dabbling in web site creation for several years. Anything I designed was very elemental and if I needed something nice, I would have to search for a template. I enrolled in the Creating Web Pages class with Columbus State University and Ed2go and was quickly disappointed in that it taught things I already knew. But the kicker was……………I began to understand the logic behind each step. I “graduated” with a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Since that very first class, I have completed Creating Web Pages II and am now in Introduction CSS & XHTML. I plan to continue on with more classes not only because of the learning involved but I find it great fun as well.

“so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many people; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.”- Hebrews 9:28

I am not quite mid way into Intro CSS & XHTML and I can already say how challenging and FUN it has been. Please check back to see my work as I continue to learn and nurture my skills.

My sincere gratitude goes out to Alan and all my fellow classmates for the instruction, help, and encouragement.

Check out Introduction CSS & XHTML objectives:

Lesson 1 Understand the importance of CSS and XHTL in creating modern Web sites.

Lesson 2 Discover the power of using CSS to style your Web site.

Lesson 3 Take control of the style and format of text in your Web pages.

Lesson 4 Master the tools and techniques for adding pictures to your Web site.

Lesson 5 Use tables to organize content into rows and columns.

Lesson 6 Add hyperlinks to your Web site.

Lesson 7 Spiff up your pages with lines and boxes.

Lesson 8 Get started in page layout with headers and footers.

Lesson 9 Create multicolumn Web pages using modern XHTML techniques.

Lesson 10 Understand the difference between static, relative, absolute, and fixed positioning.

Lesson 11 Add sound and video to your Web site.

Lesson 12 Debug, validate, and prepare your Web pages for publication.

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